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How to...
build a
Home Practice
with Amanda

Curious about creating time in your day to practice solo? On your mat, at home with nothing but Self to guide you?... BUT you're not sure where or how to begin?

In this workshop, Amanda will offer tips, tools and tricks on:

*self motivation and how to keep moving when we get lazy or distracted

*clearing and creating and inviting space to get quiet

*what you'll need for solo practice

*how to sequence asanas to target different areas of the body

*handouts and take home material to continue your home practice yoga journey

When: Saturday November 9th

Time: 11am - 1pm

Cost: $45 + hst per person


**please note: there are no refunds or exchanges on our workshops
Facial Unwind
Stretch. Reach. Grow
Let's dig into our tissue, release, unwind and make space. It's time.
with Allie Chisholm-Smith

Unwind to your magnificence. A Facial Unwind Workshop with Allie Chisholm-Smith

Join Allie in rolling around on the mat, using props, breathwork, visualization, yoga and humour to come home to ourselves and our magnificence. Allie has been teaching for over 20 years and teacher training for 15. She uses Yoga as a vehicle for self-knowledge and understanding. She brings humour to her work while giving participants this opportunity to journey to the depths. 

When: Saturday November 30th

Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Cost: $55 + hst per person

**please note: there are no refunds or exchanges on our workshops
Shamanic Journey Series
a deeper insight
with Karen Sarlo
3 workshops to create a deeper relationship with your soul

What is a Shamanic Journey?


A shamanic journey is an experience you have when you learn to move into different dimensions.  In these dimensions you meet your spirit animals and guides and learn you to communicate with them. 


Join experienced shaman, Karen Sarlo in these 3 workshops designed to make your learning faster, easier and more enjoyable. She will guide you through the different levels in dimension and will give you a toolkit so you can practice on your own when you go home. 

During these workshops you will learn the process of asking more intelligent and pertinent questions to give you a deeper insight to your life.   You will interact with your guides and learn to listen to them.  Your journey can help you heal, release stress and reduce anxiety and depression.  Often a journey can provide you with new perspectives so you can problem solve in a more productive and constructive way.  Your intuitive abilities will develop as you maintain your practice, supporting your life experiences and you will learn how these abilities directly transfer into your day to day life.


The three workshops are designed to create, build and provide a routine for your own healthy lifestyle.


Sunday January 26, 10am - 12pm

Sunday February 23, 10am - 12pm

Sunday March 29, 10am - 12pm


$150 + hst  for all three

**please note: there are no refunds or exchanges on our workshops

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